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Jud Caswell’s Phoebe on the Fencepost went perfectly with your post today! Beautiful and gentle grace.

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Thank you. It turns out that there is a lot of Phoebe love in the world.

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You’re speakin’ my language.

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I am sharing comments and a poem from a reader.

I want to tell you how much I have bee enjoying your essays about nature. I particularly enjoyed the poems you included this time. I found one that I wrote about my finches:

The finch has a story to tell

How it snatches radiance from the morning sun

Powders its wings with pollen

Coloring feathers like dandelions, buttercups, marigolds

Do you sleep among the flowers

Wings folded like petals

Folded in prayer

Do you dream about the heart of the sunflower

Seeds sandwiched in a bodacious brown center

Tell me the story of your song

Your morning, noon, and evening song.

Does God whisper you your melody

As well as secrets of flight.

Does She whisper to you how we too can

Take flight

Become feathered things

Tagging along with you through

Dandelions, buttercups, and marigolds

Learning to sleep among flowers

Our wings folded like petals

Folded in prayer

Listening to the voice of God

Learning to sing our own song of creation.


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Fascinating as ever - On this side of the Atlantic we don't have Phoebes but we do have a small, grey brown flycatcher - whenever I have seen one it has been jumping through a swarm of flies that has gathered over a dead sheep

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